Each artist makes his work primarily for himself and then it must be the world in like that so beautifully said. The creative process is ready, the tension is gone. Sometimes doing that the artist pain; He still has not taken sufficient distance. However, In the case of these figurines plays something else with it. The total art work is unfinished.

The artwork displays images with normal human emotions through postures again. It started after a day in which there was much disappointment and frustration had come top. Instead of as usual with the brush, I started with a piece of clay that night and suddenly there came something. That is going to come about in the following way: I take the clay in my hands and watch the clay. The clay looks back but still very indiscriminate. I spend my frustration, anger, and love in the clay, the clay you can view and edit the bevraag intensively and clay. And clearer forms. I look back to those forms. And from now gives every action a reaction followed by a suitable new action there. Emotion if reaction on emotion. Increasingly the image looks back, it's now a real dialogue of look, become, until the af is questions and answers. Now the image looks to me independent. Working and questioning brings us ultimately always go back to the question: "who am I and who are you?"

This process of looking, questions, answers and be viewed back will now be in the new environment, nl. your environment, take place.
You get the chance the other participants to become better acquainted in the projekt. For example, first of all of their choice for a specific statue from the series.
Watching the other and his statuette will however also have a boomerang effect. You will also back more or less intensive viewed. I'm curious what this does with you and like to hear that. There is a reason why you acquired this image has. This reason is yours and we ask not to, at least not yet. Be certain that the figurines belong together. And because you hear the owners also has one together. With each other, we form a new family. And like any family we keep each other informed. We'll send a Christmas card or a holiday card and tell an extraordinary event with respect to the statuette to each other. Whetted your curiosity by this statue would and can capsize should be our natural passivity to active querying the weal and woe of the other family members. Indeed, there is something that unites us; namely the possession of the figurine. I am therefore now 10 friends at as maker. Within 3 years, we want to try to call you all together as a sort of reunion. Then it will work are ready. How it goes then that nobody yet knows there look. Together We make it.

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