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For my paintings, I use mostly oil paint. The process in itself doesn't take long. I can't weeks or thereabouts to 1 canvas work. It is now or never. All or nothing. All energy bundled and that must unconditionally.

That I weeks around loop and is a scalding on an idea or just a loose thought is something else. From a preconceived plan. The paint on the canvas image composed, the abandoned the brush paints and I am the instrument. As this process goes in trance. Be served disturbed the death of a new life. The moment I actually go painting is not to address. Something happened with me and I must go to the atelier

Nevertheless, painter I every day. That automatically meant that not all is well. On the contrary many of my work must be seen as training. Training for that one moment of bliss. The moment that everything comes together. A moment which I'm afraid to miss because I am untrained. A man can not passionate playing that don't understand.

Painting can then be compared with topsport. Everything at the service of that moment. Far too easy on the ambient Alchemy issue. It is not just the paint but even the music plays so many small nuances. If there is a wrong note in the morning made the moment of magic for that day may have disappeared. What rest is a load the next morning cobbling hope without deeper if you come back in the workshop is the look, clean up, and watching but above all your aStore and if the lust you to adapt you can bet what assails almost assured that what you have made was not good. My work can be certified as expressionist

My great examples are Kiefer Basserlitz Polke and Richter. Also, however, speak to me very Tuyn mans Borremans Dieleman and actually there are so many more great painters.

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POSTADRES: Prinsenstraat 38 - 4506 AH  Cadzand dorp | tel: 06 46454548 | email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.